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Aesthetic treatments for the face

tratamientos estetica
Non-surgical rejuvenation solutions with fast recovery.
Experts in dark circles, loss of volume and fine lines, among others.
New minimally invasive technologies for skin care.

What do aesthetic treatments for the face involve?

To improve the aesthetic problems and signs of ageing that affect the face, we not only have effective surgeries, such as blepharoplasty – which corrects bags and excess skin on the eyelids –, but we can also offer you several minimally invasive in-office techniques.

These are procedures that avoid undergoing surgery and which, if applied in an expert and specific manner for each problem, achieve natural and discreet results. The goal we pursue is not to change the expression or the characteristic features of each person, but to achieve a “good face” effect, with a more youthful, rested and healthy appearance.

Many of these treatments can complement each other to maximise their benefits, while taking into account the harmony of the look with regard to the rest of the face. For personalised advice, at the Miranza clinics, we have specialists in aesthetics and oculofacial rejuvenation. Their knowledge of the ocular and periocular anatomy as ophthalmologists is essential to apply these techniques with judgment and maximum safety.


There is a wide range of techniques that can be performed in the aesthetic as well as eye and facial rejuvenation consultation. Some of them, such as peels or  injections, are long-established solutions, while other procedures have been a revolution in recent years. This is the case, for example, with new energy-emitting technologies for skin care, based on the use of ultrasound (Ultherapy), radio frequency (Thermage) or intense pulsed light (IPL).

Problems that improve with aesthetic treatments for the face

Among the non-surgical aesthetic treatments for the face, some of the most requested are those that seek to conceal dark circles, loss of volume and dynamic wrinkles or fine lines. Moreover, we can also improve the quality of the facial skin and treat different types of irregularities or imperfections caused by the passage of time, excessive sun exposure, poor nutrition and hydration, etc.

These procedures can be indicated both as corrective and preventative measures, thus acting before the signs are very pronounced and require more intense treatments. Furthermore, they have the advantage that we can gradually apply them, thus overcoming the “panic” of change in some people.


The techniques we use at the Miranza clinics are virtually painless and only produce slight discomfort during their application, which we can mitigate with the use of anaesthetic ointments.

Although recovery will vary depending on each procedure, aesthetic in-office treatments for the face have the advantage of allowing a quick return to your daily activities (including sports, bathing or putting on make-up). They do not require time off and usually do not entail major restrictions after application, except for avoiding sun exposure, especially during the first week, in some cases.

In general, you can have them done at any time of the year, even in summer, and their results are maintained in the medium term: from about 4 months to about a year, depending on the technique, your skin type, usual aesthetic care, etc. Carrying out maintenance sessions is usually indicated in most cases to achieve long-lasting effects.