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Improves the purple colour of dark circles.
Rejuvenates your entire face.
It is a fast, easy treatment in the consulting room.

What is carboxytherapy?

Carboxytherapy is a non-surgical aesthetic treatment that consists of the local micro-injecting of carbon dioxide below the skin in the area of treatment. This improves the blood flow and oxygenation of the tissues, while encouraging the formation of collagen (a basic protein to give the skin firmness) and helps eliminate accumulated toxins.

The therapy is applied in different specialities to improve the appearance of the skin, as well as fighting localised fat, flaccidity, and cellulite. In the field of aesthetic ophthalmology, it is one of the techniques we use at the Miranza clinics to rejuvenate the face.

Its results are natural and progressive, with around 3 initial sessions in the consulting room normally required before you see the benefits, and regular maintenance when we deem appropriate in each case.

Carboxytherapy applied to the area around the eyes is primarily to improve dark, purple circles (normally hereditary) so that they recover their pink colour. We are also able to revitalise and firm up the area for an overall effect that makes your face look more relaxed, healthy and bright.


Carboxytherapy is a very easy and fast treatment (normally 5-10 minutes) that is performed in the consulting room and is painless (we might apply an anaesthetic ointment and patients generally only indicate minor “tingling” when the carbon dioxide penetrates the skin).  Furthermore, no rest or time off work is required during recovery, as the minor discomfort you might feel after each session will disappear in a few hours.

We recommend not applying creams or massages in the area for 1 or 2 days and avoid washing your face or showering with very warm water, or using saunas or jacuzzis due to their vasodilating effect. You should also protect your skin from the sun and drink a lot of water for the next few days to encourage the tissue drainage process and improve the results of the treatment.

You will notice the effects after the first week and these will continue to accumulate until you have finished the block of scheduled sessions, with around a fortnight’s break between each one.