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Intense pulsed light (IPL)

This alleviates the symptoms of dry eye and blepharitis.
It treats a wide variety of aesthetic problems on the face.
It is a fast, painless procedure with immediate recovery.

¿Qué es el tratamiento con luz pulsada intensa?

Intense pulsed light, or IPL, has been used for years in the field of aesthetic medicine (e.g. for photodepilation) and has also proven to be beneficial as a solution in ophthalmology and oculofacial rejuvenation. The Miranza clinics use the most IPL technology that effectively fights dry eye and blepharitis with the same equipment, as well as thirty-odd disorders or skin lesions that are common on the face.

IPL consists of the controlled emission of high-intensity light pulses that turn into heat to treat a certain area without damaging nearby structures. This light has different wavelengths, depending on the filter with which the equipment is used, enabling us to act selectively on different layers of the skin.

The sessions take place in the consulting room, applying a cold gel to the area to be treated and applying protection to the eyes. The treatment normally lasts for 10-15 minutes and is not painful or bothersome, although you might notice the light flashes and a certain amount of heat at some points.

Problemas que trata la luz pulsada intensa

IPL alleviates the symptoms of dry eye and blepharitis (frequently associated) by acting directly on their causes: it stimulates the correct functioning of the Meibomian glands in the eyelids, the dysfunction of which is linked to both disorders, reducing inflammation of the eye’s surface and improving the quality of the tear film.

We also use intense pulsed light treatment to improve the appearance of the face, recovering its elasticity and firmness and eliminating redness, stains, spider veins or cherry angiomas, among other signs of ageing, stress, and sun exposure.

It is important to have a full prior diagnosis and personalised advice before the treatment, as we can use other solutions along with IPL to ensure more satisfactory results in each case.


Given that pulsed light for the eyes and face is a non-surgical treatment that is performed in consulting rooms, it is extremely comfortable and offers fast recovery without having to change your everyday activities. You can return to normal life when you leave the clinic, although it is important to ensure increased sun protection, especially during the week after (as you should have also done during the week before).

You might notice slight redness at the end of the session, but this will soon go away. We recommend applying cold compresses or gauze to refresh the treated area.

If you have dry eye and/or blepharitis, you will normally need 4 to 6 sessions 15 days apart and we recommend a maintenance session after around one year to ensure the maximum benefits. When treating aesthetic skin disorders, the number of sessions will depend on the problem to be treated in each case.