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It is not very common for leaders in an area to decide to join forces in order to work together. At Miranza, we have done so. Most renowned names linked to ophthalmology in Spain have come together to offer you excellence in eye care and well-being.

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I do not see well
but I do not
know why

You do not see well, but you do not know what these changes in your vision are due to? We
help you find out and treat it in the best possible way.

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We see with our eyes,
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We are what we make others feel. That is why we stay by you and also promote or join initiatives that can improve other people’s lives.

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The light that goes through the eye reaches the retina inverted, where images are formed. In the brain, they “get straightened out”.

At Miranza, we turn around retinal problems, injuries and pathologies that are usually serious and can significantly compromise your vision.

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At Miranza, we are not going to tell you "get rid of your glasses" without having examined your eyes and having discussed with you the needs and expectations of refractive surgery, as we are aware of the importance of a good indication. Experience, innovation and integrity, our formula to make our success yours. Together we will get the best results.

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We are your centers of excellence, specialist in eye wellness. We are by your side creating new horizons to keep watching. Because all we have a life to see.

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