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Eyebrow lift

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What is an eyebrow lift?

An eyebrow lift is a set of techniques to raise the eyebrows so that they recover the desired position, when they are lowered. Given that the position of the eyebrows plays a very important role in the expression of the face, with this we manage to revitalise the look and improve the tired, sad or aged appearance.

At the Miranza clinics, we are specialists in performing this surgery without visible marks on the face, as we carry it out by means of microincisions that cover the scalp (endoscopic eyebrow lift) or are hidden by the eyelid crease (transblepharoplasty). Moreover, there is also a direct eyebrow lift through a small incision at the ends of the eyebrows (which is concealed between the hair follicles) to remove excess skin.

In some cases, we recommend an eyebrow lift in combination with an eyelid blepharoplasty to achieve a more comprehensive rejuvenation of the gaze.

Problems treated by an eyebrow lift

Eyebrow drooping usually occurs after the age of 40-45 due to loss of skin tone and firmness. However, it can also be a congenital problem or appear due to other causes, such as facial palsy.

The lowering of the eyebrows is not always obvious, and some patients come to our consultations thinking that the aging of their eyes is due exclusively to an eyelid problem. Thus, to determine the exact causes and indicate the most appropriate treatment, expert advice is essential.

In cases where the lowering of the eyebrow is not very noticeable (less than 2 mm), we can opt for a non-surgical eyebrow lift or other in-office treatments, such as botulinum toxin or fillers, which also help to improve the position of the eyebrows.


After having undergone an eyebrow lift, you may initially feel some discomfort, such as some sort of tightness or tingling. Sometimes, depending on the technique used, bruising or a little swelling may appear, which will gradually disappear over the first week.

To facilitate recovery from the eyebrow lift, it is important that you follow the guidelines and postoperative treatment indicated by your surgeon, which usually includes the application of ice or local cold to the area and the taking of analgesic, anti-inflammatory or antibiotic drugs.

During the follow-up visits, we will assess your progress and remove any stitches or staples that may have been required for the eyebrow lift in about 10 days. Within this period of time, you will see that you can resume most of your daily activities as usual.