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We have just launched a new communication channel with our patients and the general public through a series of podcasts under the name of “Miradas que hablan”, which aims to highlight our specialists´ opinion on different aspects related to their daily activities with regard to vision and ophthalmology.

The podcasts are imbued by a close, spontaneous and didactic tone, where Miranza’s medical team unveils its human and least known side. By means of dialogues between doctors from different centres, generations and specialties, the podcasts are intended to provide an overview of aspects of the specialty that are not usually covered in professional forums, nor can they be addressed in a relaxed way during consultation with patients.

The podcasts, which re available on the Ivoox and Anchor platforms, can be listened to in any place and situation, as their format adapts very well to the needs and tastes of the listener and, above all, “they are a way of reaching out tothe blind or visually impaired without barriers, i.e. those who encounter greater difficulties in accessing written information and who only receive part of the information from audiovisual formats,”according to Ramón Berra, the Group’s CEO. 

Dr Jorge Alió, from Vissum Grupo Miranza, and Dr María Gessa, from Miranza Virgen de Luján, star in the first podcast, “Cómo hemos cambiado” (How We Have Changed), with a topic that has marked our present day in recent months and, undoubtedly, continues to do so: The COVID-19 pandemic, an unusual event that has forced us to change our perspective and world view at all levels,be it health, economy, society, psychology…

Ophthalmology has not been immune to this exceptional situation either, and this is what two of our specialists talk about in this first podcast of a long list that will accompany listeners over the coming months.