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Miranza Sevilla por Lupe de la Vallina Gessa

The ophthalmologist from Seville specialises in state-of-the-art techniques in corneal transplantation and reconstruction of the ocular surface.

At Miranza, we have chosen Dr María Gessa as the new medical director of our Miranza Virgen de Luján centre in Seville. Until now the clinic’s care coordinator, the ophthalmologist takes over from Dr Francisco Argüeso, the centre’s founder, which, in its more than 25 years of experience, has become a benchmark in comprehensive eye health and wellness care in this province.

Dr Gessa, who works in different subspecialties of ophthalmology, such as cornea, cataract, refractive surgery, oculoplastics and glaucoma, blends youth and experience thanks to an intense training journey and professional career. With a PhD (Outstanding Cum Laude) from the University of Seville, she extended her training with stays at leading centres, such as Vissum – currently also part of the Grupo Miranza network –, and has spent part of her career at the Virgen Macarena University Hospital, from where she made a leap to Miranza Virgen de Luján in 2020.

Coordinator of the Miranza Cornea Group

The ophthalmologist currently coordinates the Miranza Cornea Group, made up of some of the country’s leading professionals in this speciality on an international level, such as Dr José Luis Güell or Dr Jorge Alió. One of Dr Gessa’s main areas of expertise is in the field of corneal transplants and the reconstruction of the ocular surface using techniques, such as the use of amniotic membrane, a leading procedure in our country thanks to Miranza’s doctors. She also specialises in ocular oncology.

Scientific and teaching involvement

In addition to her care work in the consulting room and operating theatre, Dr Gessa stands out for her scientific involvement, as she has participated in several clinical trials and presented more than 70 papers at national and international congresses. She has received awards for this and features more than thirty publications in ophthalmological magazines and books.

Another pillar of her activity is teaching, where she combines her position on the Miranza Training Committee and her positions on the subcommittees of Head and Neck Tumours and Adult Ocular Oncology at the Virgen Macarena University Hospital, where she is also a clinical practice tutor. On the other hand, she also actively works with the Andalusian Health Service by giving several continuing education courses and being a member of the Expert Group for the Development of the Corporate Competence Map for Ophthalmology Specialists.

Promoting networking

At the head of the medical direction of Miranza Virgen de Luján, Dr Gessa now coordinates a team made up of six ophthalmologists, as well as working in a network with the more than 170 specialists who are part of our group, driven by an exclusive collegial medical direction in ophthalmology in Spain, Miranza’s Clinical Leaders Forum.