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For a graphic designer like Luis, good vision and visual comfort are essential in his job. This led him to undergo refractive surgery with intraocular lenses at our Miranza IOA clinic, a decision that he says has changed his life: “I was gazing at a new world right after surgery. Some of my friends even told me that I have a different, livelier and happier look.”

The freedom and comfort of being able to see clear and sharp without having to rely on glasses is one of the advantages that many patients experience after refractive surgery. In the case of Luis – with hyperopia of more than 4 dioptres in both eyes and a slight astigmatism –, the fact that his visual problems have been corrected with great precision has also allowed him to reduce the discomfort he felt when spending hours in front of the computer.

For patients with high dioptres, ICL lenses can be an effective and satisfying option.

Since each person has specific needs and each eye is different, indicating the best surgical solution in a customised way, among the different techniques available, is one of the surgeon’s challenges. Laser-based procedures are not always suitable for all patients, who may also benefit from other safe and effective alternatives, such as refractive surgery with intraocular lenses. “Luis seemed to be an ideal patient for surgery using ICL lenses”, explains Dr Ricardo Pérez, a specialist at Miranza IOA.

ICL lenses or implantable lenses made of collamer (a highly flexible and fully biocompatible material made from collagen) are similar to contact lenses, but they are placed inside the eyeball, above the lens. As they do not replace this structure or alter the eye’s cornea or surface layer, they are easily removable, if the patient’s visual needs change at any time.

Moreover, as Dr Pérez points out, “another advantage is that they include a wide range of dioptres, so that having high myopia or hyperopia does not have to be a limitation for refractive surgery, if we carry out a good preliminary study.”

Undergoing refractive surgery with ICL lenses at Miranza IOA was an opportunity for Luis

Refractive surgery with ICL lenses at Miranza IOA and the other clinics in our group is an outpatient procedure, which we usually perform with topical anaesthesia (drops) and which only takes about 15 to 20 minutes, thus making it very quick and easy for patients. This was confirmed by Luis, who emphasised that he did not feel any discomfort, even after leaving the operating theatre, when he was able to check his visual gain almost immediately. These positive results, as well as the possibility of appreciating them by resuming his daily activities and work very soon, make our patient recommend the surgery and assess it as a great opportunity that has even exceeded his expectations.