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Diagnostic tests

What is angio-OCT?

Angio-OCT is a latest generation diagnostic test that uses Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), based on the emission of infrared light, to:

  • Obtain a 3D view with micrometric precision of the structures of the ocular fundus (retina and choroids), performing transverse optical cuts of these tissues. 
  • Analyse the vascular system of the eye at various depths, showing the blood vessels of each layer of the retina, the choroids and the optic nerve head. It is used as a non-invasive way to obtain images of the eye’s circulation, providing the information traditionally provided by the angiography, but without the need for injection of a contrast substance. Therefore, the test is faster, more comfortable and free from side effects and has revolutionised ophthalmic diagnosis in recent years.

The retina specialists at Miranza were involved in the development of this technique, which is still only offered in a small number of ophthalmology clinics in Spain, and which helps with the early and accurate detection of many ocular alterations.

What do we use angio-OCT for?

Angio-OCT is specifically designed for the diagnosis and monitoring of retina pathologies as well as glaucoma (with involvement of the optic nerve and a vascular component which is being investigated). However, it is also very useful for monitoring certain treatments with the aim of assessing the improvement experienced after its application.

How do we perform OCT?

  • Two techniques in one: angiography and OCT.
  • It is a comfortable and quick test that takes barely 5 minutes.
  • It is performed during a consultation and requires no prior preparation or dilation of the pupil.
  • It is painless (no contact with the eye) and non invasive.
  • The images obtained are very accurate and are analysed by our team of expert ophthalmologists.