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Glaucoma laser

Tratamiento laser glaucoma
New minimally invasive glaucoma lasers.
In-office techniques that allow for fast recovery.
Alternative to daily use of drops and surgery.

What is laser for glaucoma?

Glaucoma laser techniques are one of the alternatives we can offer for the treatment of this disease. We usually perform them in office in a comfortable, fast and safe way for you, causing minimal discomfort and facilitating a quick recovery.

This type of procedure can be aimed both at improving the outflow of aqueous humour (transparent liquid inside the eye) and at limiting its production. In both ways, we can control the main modifiable risk factor for glaucoma: intraocular pressure. By reducing it to suitable levels, we manage to stop the loss of nerve fibres from the optic nerve, which causes a gradual decrease in the visual field.


The glaucoma laser has been used for more than two decades, although technological innovation has made it possible for the new equipment available at Miranza clinics to be less aggressive and more selective, achieving the desired hypotensive effect with minimal alteration to eye structures.

Moreover, there is another type of laser technique that we perform in the operating room: diode laser cyclophotocoagulation, usually reserved for patients with very low vision or in whom other glaucoma surgeries are not indicated.


Eye diseases treated

When treatment with glaucoma eye drops is insufficient, you are intolerant to these drugs or there are compliance problems with the medication, we can opt for laser techniques, which also help prevent acute glaucoma attacks in eyes that are prone to them. Laser is an effective option in many patients before glaucoma surgery.