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Foreign body sensation in the eye

The "gritty" sensation in the eye is often due to poor hydration or irritation of the eye surface.
The entry of a particle or foreign body into the eye can cause anything from mild discomfort to a corneal injury.
Try to remove the foreign body without pressure and see a specialist, if this is not possible or it is stuck.

What is the foreign body sensation in the eye?

Many patients with pathologies affecting the eye surface describe the feeling of noticing grit or a foreign body in the eye, even though there is actually nothing inside it. This is an increasingly common symptom in ophthalmology consultations, whereas the visual fatigue associated with teleworking and prolonged use of screens increase it. It is usually caused by poor lubrication and/or irritation of the cornea and conjunctiva (the outermost layers of the eye), which is often associated with dry eyes and blinking disorders.

At other times, it is not just a subjective feeling, but a foreign body (eyelashes, dust, sand, airborne particles, etc.) may have actually entered the eye, causing irritation, tearing and even abrasions to the cornea. In these cases, the utmost care must be taken when removing it, so as not to cause severe damage.

Associated pathologies

The feeling of grit or a foreign body in the eye is usually common if you have any of these pathologies:

What to do if you have a foreign body sensation in the eye?

Using moisturising eye drops (preferably preservative-free) will help relieve the feeling of grit or foreign body in the eye. In any case, it is important that you consult your ophthalmologist to determine which disease may be causing this symptom and to get the most appropriate treatment. Ask for an appointment at Miranza and take care of your eye health.

Other general recommendations offered by our specialists are to maintain a correct eye and lid hygiene, as well as to take frequent visual breaks (especially if you are working in front of the computer) by changing the focus and looking at a distance or the horizon through a window. Depending on the case, it is also advisable to avoid lack of sleep, the use of make-up that can irritate you or environments with air conditioning or heating, pollution, tobacco smoke, dust, etc.