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Black spots

mancha cortina negra
cortina negra
Different shapes: small dots, blind area in the centre of vision or a falling curtain.
It can be associated with eye diseases of varying severity.
You need to go to the ophthalmologist to have an accurate diagnosis.

According to Miranza specialists, the appearance of black spots or dark areas in the visual field is one of the symptoms that most concerns patients, when they suffer from it. However, not all spots are equally important: the key to differentiating them is, basically, locating the spot within the visual field and determining whether we are dealing with mobile or fixed spots.

How does a black spot affect vision?

  • Vision of floating black spots: these can be myodesopsies or floaters, which are shaped like points, threads or shadows and move as we look in different directions. Although they are annoying, unless they increase in number or you start to see flashes, you should not worry too much, as they are usually not serious. However, you should stay vigilant, while seeing your ophthalmologist for regular check-ups, in case they are linked to pathologies such as a vitreous detachment or high myopia.
  • Black spot in the centre of the eye: This type of central, fixed black spot is usually associated with diseases of the macula (centre of the retina), such as AMD or macular hole. You will notice that you lose vision in the area covered by the stain, while ceasing to perceive the details of what you are trying to see, when you look at something around you. This “blind” spot or area is also called a scotoma.
  • Seeing a black spot on one side of the eye: This type of black spot is actually a kind of veil or curtain that covers part of the visual field (either side, top or bottom) and can spread. If you notice such a black spot, you should see your ophthalmologist as soon as possible, as it is probably a retinal detachment.

What to do if you see a black spot?

It is important that you see a specialist if you detect a black spot, as it can be a sign of serious eye diseases. Paying attention to this symptom and not ignoring it will help us diagnose and treat a possible pathology early on, something essential in many cases for your eye health.