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Our group exceeds thirty centres with the incorporation of two new ophthalmology clinics, Miranza Passeig Mallorca and Miranza Clínica Begoña. Located in Palma and Bilbao, respectively, they feature completely refurbished offices, from where we are expanding the care we offer in both cities, where we are already present with another Balearic branch, Miranza IBO, and Miranza COI in Bizkaia. 

Miranza Passeig Mallorca: more than 30 years of history

Miranza Passeig Mallorca is the result of integrating into our group the Unidad Oftalmológica Balear (UOB) clinic, which, after more than three decades in operation, is a benchmark in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases on the Balearic Islands.

The new clinic, located in downtown Palma, covers all ophthalmological subspecialities, while being at the forefront of corneal surgery, both in terms of corneal transplants and laser refractive surgery techniques to correct myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia.

Its team, led by the renowned Dr Emeterio Orduña and made up of six other ophthalmologists, is also an expert in cataracts, retina, glaucoma, oculoplastics and paediatric ophthalmology, among others.

Combining an extensive background and state-of-the-art technology, as well as careful attention to the patient’s experience, “Miranza Passeig Mallorca shares Miranza’s values and the commitment of this network of centres to excellence”, emphasises Dr Orduña. So does the new headquarters in Bilbao, Miranza Clínica Begoña.

Miranza Clínica Begoña: a forward-looking project

Dr Íñigo Corcóstegui, heading Miranza Clínica Begoña, brings together the tradition and excellence in ophthalmology of five generations of specialists. Among them, Dr Borja Corcóstegui, the founder and medical director of IMO Grupo Miranza in Barcelona, our Group’s flagship centre, and Dr Gonzalo Corcóstegui, Íñigo’s forerunner, with a career spanning more than three decades in the same building where the current Miranza Clínica Begoña is located.

In modern facilities next to the Begoña basilica, we are promoting an ambitious project for the future, committed to new generations of ophthalmologists and technological advances in order to offer the most cutting-edge treatments for all eye diseases.

Dr Íñigo Corcóstegui concludes that “belonging to a large group, a leader in the industry, allows us to bring excellent medicine to our patients. By working as a network, we are taking another step forward in terms innovation and modernisation, offering the latest treatments and devices, which are increasingly sophisticated and effective.”