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Innovation is one of Miranza’s bets and one of the challenges we are embarking on, is also the development of software that allows us to simulate a 3D eye digitally, based on diagnostic tests of the patient, and to examine its visual quality in detail. This program is part of the European project named “VEMoS” (Virtual Eye Model System), led by the Vissum clinic (Grupo Miranza) with Professor Jorge Alió as clinical director.

This software traces light rays that cross a virtual reproduction of the eye and allow to examine the optometric and biometric characteristics that determine the quality of vision.

Technology to improve the indication of refractive surgery

In a second phase, and using artificial intelligence, the project aims to go one step further and simulate different techniques of intraocular and corneal refractive surgery to examine their results, before their actual application in the operating room.

With this, VEMoS seeks to offer the result that these modifications would have in the optical parameters related to the visual function of the eye, so that ophthalmologists can evaluate in advance, using objective data, which technique is going to give better results in function of the specific characteristics of the eye to intervene. This will be a powerful aid tool to offer the best surgical indication in each case.

European project led by Vissum Grupo Miranza

The project, which was launched last year and is scheduled for commercialization in 2022, has the participation of the Italian company CSO, specialized in the design and manufacture of ophthalmic instruments and promoter of the novel patented diagnostic device for the project.

The Ophthalmology departments of CHUC (Centro Hospitalar e Universitário de Coimbra, Portugal) and AUH (Aarhus Universitetshospital, Denmark), are in charge of conducting independent clinical tests, in addition to Vissum, the hub of our software developer group.

The objective is to mature, expand and certify the production of the VEMoS system, aimed at ophthalmology clinics, as well as standardize decision-making on refractive surgery and revolutionize the field of refractive surgery with personalized treatments, in line with the action plan of the European community, of personalized medicine.