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The use of the ReLEx SMILE technique in refractive surgery procedures offers the patient greater precision in the operation and a greater sense of comfort in the postoperative period thanks to its advanced technology.

The ReLEx SMILE refractive surgery technique is one of the latest procedures that has been developed to correct myopia and astigmatism and, although it is not yet offered in many centres, at our group’s clinics we already boast 8 years of proven experience.

This was the surgery performed on Alberto Llaneza, who on the day of his eye operation came to Vissum Grupo Miranza “calm and relaxed, with the confidence of being in the hands of a world leader, Dr Jorge Alió, with the support of a great ophthalmology centre”. Alberto explains that, on leaving the operating theatre, he felt practically no discomfort whatsoever, as well as experiencing a very quick visual recovery. “Going to the optician’s every year to get my prescription or having to put in my contact lenses every time I practised sports was more uncomfortable than what the surgery turned out to be”, explains the patient. He adds that he was able to watch television that evening and drive the next day without any problems and without having to wear glasses again.

What is ReLEx SMILE refractive surgery like?

As Dr Alió points out, “the whole process of refractive surgery is aimed at precision, effectiveness, prevention of complications and patient comfort”. These standards are further enhanced with the new ReLEx SMILE technique, which is minimally invasive for the eye.

The Vissum Grupo Miranza specialist explains what the ReLEx SMILE procedure consists of: “By using a state-of-the-art laser, the femtosecond laser, which does not cut the tissue, but only separates it, we create a thin sheet inside the cornea, as if it were a contact lens formed under the ocular surface. This lens, with the prescription that the patient needs to correct – in Alberto’s case, 5 dioptres –, is removed through a small incision of just 2 mm. Thus, with the use of ReLEx SMILE we avoid the usual 270-mm opening on the cornea, hence better preserving the integrity of the eye.” This can be especially beneficial for sporty patients like Alberto, as it allows them to continue with their normal life the day after surgery and even practice water activities, martial arts, etc.


ReLEx SMILE, a great sense of freedom

Assessing each person’s lifestyle, as well as their age and eye aspects, such as prescription, corneal structure, tear stability, etc. is essential to achieve surgical success. “All these factors must be taken into account when planning the surgery with care, based on a good preoperative diagnosis”, says Dr Alió.

For Alberto, the result of the surgery with ReLEx SMILE could not have been more satisfying, as can be seen from the visual examinations of the follow-up check-ups carried out, and above all, from the “unfathomable sense of freedom” he now enjoys, as he does not have to depend on the use of optical correction in his daily life. Thus, he is very happy to have taken the step of having surgery, which does not have to be delayed in the current pandemic context, as the surgical areas at the Miranza centres have adapted their preventive protocols and are sterile environments, according to the highest health standards. These high hygienic conditions are preserved for any surgical procedure, such as cataract surgery, which is also very common.