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Are you thinking of having eye surgery and getting rid of glasses? Are you anxious to know in advance what the process is like?

In this post, we describe the process of having eye surgery at Miranza IOA.

Step 1: Are you eligible for eye surgery?
En la primera visita el optometrista te realizará una serie de pruebas para determinar si eres apto. El oftalmólogo las revisará y determinará la técnica que mejor se adapte a tus necesidades.

Step 2: The decision
You then have two options. Continue with the process or else discontinue it. If you choose the latter option, we will call you in a few days in case you change your mind.

Step 3: The date
If you decide to have surgery, the optometrist will perform more specific tests and the doctor will carry out an in-depth ophthalmological examination. Moreover, our Patient Care colleagues will suggest a day for your surgery.

Step 4: Preparations
You will be given a pair of tights and a blue gown and then anaesthetic drops several times. Furthermore, an anaesthetist will assist you, if necessary.

Step 5: The big day
It is normal for you to be a little nervous, but you should not worry, as our entire team will be by your side to make your surgery a pleasant procedure. The time has come to get rid of your glasses!

Step 6: The wait
During all this time, we will be in touch with you. You will have to follow the instructions we will give you and you will be able to call us whenever you need to solve any questions or queries.

Step 7: The surgery
In the operating theatre, your surgeon will tell you what to do and what you will feel at any time. It will only take 10 minutes per eye (depending on the technique used), and you will not feel any pain.

Step 8: Rest
When you leave the operating theatre, you will have cloudy vision, but much better than before, and we will let you rest for 10 to 15 minutes. We will then explain the next steps; the treatment and post-operative instructions you will have to follow.

Step 9: What is next?
We will carry out different check-ups, depending on the technique used. Later on, you will be discharged provisionally and, a year later, you will be discharged definitively. However, do not forget that you can call us whenever you need to.

Do not forget that we will always be by your side throughout this process.