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PRGF eye drops

Developed using tissue engineering techniques.
Made from the patient's own blood plasma.
Rich in growth factors to stimulate cell regeneration.

What are Endoret eye drops?

PRGF (Plasma Rich in Growth Factors) are eye drops developed in the field of regenerative medicine. Basically, it is plasma enriched in growth factors, made from the patient’s own blood to promote the repair of the tissues on the eye surface, which stimulates cell proliferation and optimises healing and tissue regeneration.

PRGF eye drop, are administered in the form of drops and are manufactured right at the Miranza clinics).

  • They are formulated with the same pH and features of the natural tear to make them safer and more effective when applied to the eye surface.
  • They feature an optimal concentration of platelets and allow a controlled release of growth factors to prolong their effect.
  • They are free of leukocytes to avoid pain, inflammation and discomfort associated with these blood components.

This type of bioengineered product has also proven effective in other medical areas, such as dentistry, traumatology, aesthetic medicine or dermatology. Likewise, it has become a very common post-surgical resource to promote wound and ulcer healing.


Eye diseases treated by PRGF eye drops

PRGF  eye drops are indicated for eye diseases that involve damage to the tissues on the eye surface, which are susceptible to regeneration with growth factors. Basically, we are talking about cases of moderate and severe dry eye, pathologies where the innervation of the cornea is affected, persistent epithelial defects (a set of pathologies that lead to ulceration or desquamation of the corneal surface) and different types of corneal lesions, such as repetitive keratitis, ulcers due to infections, burns, abrasions, accidental wounds … For these cases, PRGF eye drops have been shown to reduce the formation of corneal scars by up to 80% and thus improve the visual prognosis.

Obtaining PRGF eye drops 

  • We take a blood sample similar to that of a conventional blood test.
  • We centrifuge the blood to separate its components and isolate the platelet fraction, which are the ones containing the growth factors.
  • We introduce the solution into special ovens.
  • We distribute the eye drops obtained in small containers with a dropper, which we will provide you for use according to the instructions you have got from your ophthalmologist.

Each PRGF container can remain at room temperature for three days without refrigeration, so you can take it with you in your daily life or even on a trip. You can also keep it frozen for a period of three months, which is a great advantage for preparation and storage at home.


PRGF eye drops are completely biocompatible, as they come from the patient’s own blood and do not cause rejection, allergies or side effects.

You should handle the container and apply the eye drops after washing your hands with soap and water to avoid any risk of infection. It is also important that you follow the recommended usage guidelines and take precautions similar to those of contact lens wearers to avoid contamination of the packaging and keep the product in good condition.