The Baton

Thoughts by the main characters

Íñigo Corcóstegui “My father and uncle are unfathomable and have been a great example for me. I think we are fortunate to follow their path, which is already partly open.”
Xavier Subirás “To be able give the patient at least a small part of what our parents have given them is very satisfying.”
Borja Corcóstegui “There are always new paths opening up. Experience is crucial. But that’s not all. There’s also the dedication each person puts into everyone at any time: That’s special!”
Claudia García-Arumí “I’m trying to learn as much as possible until my father decides to retire.”
José García-Arumí “We are all pushing forward, but in a few years it will be our turn to rest, and there will be other generations that will continue pushing their way up.”
Jorge Ruiz Medrano “We are fortunate not only to have been able to get good training, but also to benefit from all that experience around us, which I hope will allow us to reach, at least, our parents’ level, so that patients get the best possible care.”
José María Ruiz Moreno “What they do now at 35 is what I did at 50. They’re 10 to 15 years ahead of us. I’ve seen my son do things that I would never have thought would work, and they do work.”
Blanca Poyales “What both my mother and my uncle have given me is, first and foremost, the care for patients. I haven’t seen that anywhere else. Last but not least, excellence: making things perfect.”
Francisco Poyales “Our goal has always been for patients to feel cared for, while enjoying the best possible attention. That they’re not going to find anywhere else where they are better cared for. Indeed, that’s the way we do it. I just want it to go on.”
José Antonio López Garrido “When you teach new generations, you learn more, because it forces you to go back to what you know and you realise that you didn’t know things so well.”
Irene López Liroz “I feel more comfortable than I thought I would, because my father is providing a lot of self-confidence.”
Jorge Alió del Barrio “When you rely on someone like my father, it encourages you to keep going. It’s like catching the slipstream of a Formula 1 car; it makes you go faster.”
Jorge Alió Sanz “I learn from my son as well, as he knows more than me in many aspects; I know more about other things, and that provides some balance.”

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