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Pedro Amat

Specialist at Vissum Miranza Group

Ophthalmologist specialising in vitreous retina, cataracts, general ophthalmology, uveitis.

Member of RETICS (2013-2017).

Vice chairman of the Vissum Alicante Ethics Committee from January 2014 to 2017.

Pedro Amat Miranza
College No.03/0308720


Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Salamanca.

Specialist physician in ophthalmology, training completed at the General University Hospital of Alicante in line with the internship programme.

PhD in Medicine from the Miguel Hernández University in Elche.

Fellow European Board of Ophthalmology.


Specialist physician in ophthalmology at the Vissum Miranza Clinic, Alicante. 2006-present.

Posterior segment section head at Vissum Alicante. 2013-2016.

Attending ophthalmology physician at Marina Baixa Hospital (Villajoyosa). 2003-2006.

Specialist Physician in Ophthalmology at Palomares Clinic. 2003-2006.

Teaching Activity

Associate Ophthalmology Professor at the Miguel Hernandez University (Elche). From 1 October 2016 to 31 March 2017.

Certified as an Adjunct PhD professor by AVAP (Valencian Agency of Assessment and Prospective) since 2016.

Tutor of practicals in the Pathology and Surgery department. 2014-2016.

Honorary visiting physician in the Pathology and Surgery department. 2007-2014.

Academic member of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Salamanca. (since 1997)

Scientific and Research Activity

Abstracts at National Congresses: 27.

Abstracts at International Congresses: 15.

Articles in national journals: 6.

Articles in international journals: 11.

Chapters of books: 15.

Seminars: 11.

Collaborating investigator in 13 clinical trials.

Principal investigator in 6 clinical trials.