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Jon Albisu

Specialist at Miranza Begitek

College No.5301


Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery: University of the Basque Country 1983-1989.

Field doctor. Island of Zuaza (Alava). Instituto Foral de la Juventud. Regional government of Alava, July-December 1989.

Scholarship from the Guipuzcoa Medical Association. Assisting physician to Dr Alberro. Oncology surgery department. Oncology institute of Guipuzcoa, February- September 1990.

Listed with the General Medical Council of London (UK) no. 3420676 to train in the medical-surgical speciality, January 1991.

House Officer in General Surgery. Mr A.P. Hall. Glenfield General Hospital. Leicester, February- April 1991 (3 months); in Urology. Mr N.S. Smart. Leicester General Hospital. Leicester, May-July 1991 (3 months) and in General Medicine and Cardiology. Dr G.P. Sechiari// Dr J.R. Horsley. Ormskirk District General Hospital. Lancashire, August 1991 – January 1992 (6 months).

“Optics and Refraction Module”. The Royal College of Ophthalmologists, London, Glasgow, June 1994.

Membership of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists”. The Royal College of Ophthalmologists, London, Sunderland, November 1995.

Senior House Officer in A&E. Dr A.N. Mc- Iver. Ormskirk District General Hospital. Lancashire, February – July 1992 (6 months), in Ophthalmology, Mr A.P. Watson/ Mr A.O. Akingbehin. Southport D.G.Hospital. Merseyside, September 1992 to January 1993 and in Ophthalmology. Mrs U.K. Goddard/ Mr J. R. Innes/ Mr A.K. Mathur/ Mr S.K. Datta. Hull Royal Infirmary. Kingston upon Hull. February 1993 – March 1995.

Registrar in Ophthalmology. Mr D.B. Clements/Mr J.R. Villada. St. Helens Hospital. Merseyside, July – October 1995.

Senior House Officer in Ophthalmology. Mrs K. Stevenson/Mrs M. Gibbens/Mrs A. Lanigan/ Mr D. Trew. Queen Mary’s Hospital. Sidcup. Kent, December 1995 to November 1997.

Supporting credentials of educational equivalence and validity to be awarded the diploma of Specialist physician in Ophthalmology, issued by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Madrid, 15th July 1998.

Position obtained as a specialist ophthalmology physician in the Basque Health Service, Osakidetza, by way of public entrance examination, 2006.


Ophthalmology campaign for the prevention and treatment of blindness. Medicus Mundi. Hounde Hospital. Hounde. Burkina Fasso. Africa, November – December 1994/September-November 1995.

Staff Grade (Attending physician) in ophthalmology. West Kent Eye Centre. Farnborough Hospital. Kent, November 1997- December 1998.

Attending physician in Ophthalmology sub-specialising in oculoplastic, lacrimal and orbital surgery. Donostia University Hospital. San Sebastian, December 1998 – present.

Specialist physician in Ophthalmology. Private practice. Vírgen del Pilar Health Centre. San Sebastian, January 2004 – December 2006.

Ophthalmology Campaign. Eyes of the World. Inhambane Hospital. Mozambique. Africa, June – July 2006.

Specialist physician in Ophthalmology. Private practice. QuirónSalud Donostia Hospital. San Sebastian, January 2009 – September 2017.

Specialist physician in Ophthalmology. Private practice. Loiolavision. Donostia- San Sebastian, January 2016 – September 2017.

Specialist physician in Ophthalmology. Oculoplastics. Miranza Begitek. Donostia- San Sebastian, October 2017- present.

Scientific and research activity

2 Publications.

3 Research projects.