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Concepción Romero

Blepharoplasty. Blinking Pathology. External ocular measures.

Oculoplastic Department

Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery from the UCM, conducting Research Proficiency at the university.

Specializing in Ophthalmology through the MIR at the Octubre 12 Hospital.

She enjoyed spells of work at the Moorfields Eye Hospital in the service of Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery.

A highly specialist ophthalmologist, focusing on oculoplastic surgery.

She is dedicated to the surgery on the eyelids and periorbital area, both in the therapeutic side (tumours, abnormal position or the function of the eyelids) and aesthetics: Blepharoplasty and non-surgical techniques such as botulinum toxin treatments, filling in circles , periorbital rejuvenation, etc., and she also performs the tear duct surgery with minimally invasive surgery and diode laser transcanalicular endonasal techniques, working together with an ENT surgeon.

Concepción Romero
College No.41522