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After a few months of film shooting, the “Miranza Solidarity Operating Room” is officially launched.

The director of the Eyes of the World Foundation, Anna Barba, and Miranza’s general manager, Ramón Berra, have formalised the collaboration agreement between both entities to promote “Wings of Miranza”, the Group’s solidarity operating room, this week in Barcelona. 

The project, which began last February, has been sealed by signing a three-year agreement of intent, renewable on an annual basis, whereby Miranza undertakes to provide professionals with the management of the donations of the fees corresponding to their surgeries, either through Miranza or directly to Eyes of the World, as well as to complement these donations through an additional direct donation from Miranza to Eyes of the World.

For its part, the Foundation undertakes to allocate the donations obtained within the framework of the project to performing eye operations, especially cataract surgeries, in the different regions where Eyes of the World cooperates (Sahara, Mozambique, Mali and Bolivia).

Improving eye care in countries with fewer resources

“With the operating room, we foster collaboration between the Group’s professionals to improve eye care in those countries with less resources, where there are no treatments for disorders that are common and treatable in developed countries, such as cataracts“, explains Ramón Berra, CEO at Miranza.

For her part, Anna Barba celebrates the agreement, since “with the equivalent of an eye surgery in the developed western world, we manage to perform around 40 surgeries in the regions we work in, which means that the donation of surgical fees and costs is a highly profitable gesture in terms of solidarity and very effective in the fight against avoidable blindness”.

Furthermore, both representatives agree that “this is a sustainable and effective project in the long term, as it does not consist of organising expeditions to perform a few hundred surgeries on a one-off basis, but rather provides the means for local specialists to be trained and have