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Incorporation of Miranza Ophthalteam

We take another step forward in our mission to lead ocular health in Spain, with the inclusion of the Ophthalteam clinic in Madrid. With over 40 years of experience in comprehensive eye care and 50,000 patients treated, it stands as one of the prominent ophthalmological centers in the region and the most recent addition to the group in the Spanish capital, where we already have two other centers: Miranza IOA and Mirasierra.

According to Ramón Berra, CEO of Miranza, “The integration of Ophthalteam solidifies our leadership in ophthalmology in Madrid, with three top-notch clinics, whose activities will complement each other. Significant synergies will be created among them to provide high-quality care to the largest number of patients from Madrid and residents in their sphere of influence, with the capacity to accommodate over 100,000 consultations and nearly 6,500 surgeries annually.”

In addition to expanding our healthcare activities with the 500 m2 of Miranza Ophthalteam, we have also expanded the facilities of another center in Madrid, Miranza IOA, by adding an additional 600 m2 to the existing 1,000 m2. These are equipped with the latest technology and specialized circuits to ensure the implementation of the strictest COVID protocols.

Miranza in Madrid is led by Dr. Francisco Poyales, the medical director of Miranza IOA and Mirasierra, who now also leads the team of ophthalmologists at Miranza Ophthalteam. Leading this project with him, in the image on this page, you can see Ricardo Mateos, Miranza’s financial director, along with Marina Díaz Leante and Antonio Mateos, from the management team of Miranza Madrid.

Leading Group with 15 Ophthalmological Clinics

This consolidation in the capital progresses in parallel with the group’s expansion into other areas of the country, following the recent inclusion of Miranza Clínica Palomares in Benidorm and Miranza Ókular in Vitoria. Thus, we are also reinforcing our presence in eastern and northern Spain, where Miranza already had two other clinics, in addition to having two more centers in Catalonia, three in Andalusia, and offices in Albacete, Tenerife, and Mallorca. In total, 15 leading clinics in their respective areas, which you can explore here.