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El Dr. Andrés Blasco Carratalá y la Dra. Ana Camacho, actual directora médica de Miranza Algeciras y La Línea, junto a Ramón Berra, director general de Miranza.
Dr Andrés Blasco Carratalá and Dr Ana Camacho, the current medical director at Miranza Algeciras and La Línea, together with Ramón Berra, Miranza’s general manager.

At Miranza, we bid farewell to 2021, our second full year of activity, by adding two new clinics, one in Algeciras and the other in Andorra. These two new acquisitions bring us to 21 clinics and 12 consultation centres and expand our network for the first time beyond national borders. 

This brings to a close a year in which, despite the difficulties related to the pandemic, we have maintained a good expansion pace, with the acquisition of three more clinics: Miranza IOC in Bilbao, Miranza Passeig Mallorca in Palma de Mallorca and Miranza Clínica Begoña, also in Bilbao.

Strengthening Miranza’s presence in Andalusia 

The recent incorporation of Miranza Algeciras and its satellite centre Miranza La Línea, in both cities, strengthens the Group’s important presence in Andalusia and consolidates our expansion in this region, where we already have Miranza Virgen de Luján in Seville and Miranza Oculsur in Cádiz and Jerez.

The hitherto Clínica Virgen de La Palma is a centre with a long-standing history and deep roots in the area, led by Dr Andrés Blasco Carratalá, who now hands over medical direction to Dr Ana Camacho, who will head a group of young professionals who join the project, supported by Miranza.

Apart from strengthening the medical team with new talent, we are going to thoroughly refurbish and modernise the facilities, including two operating theatres in Algeciras and a consultation centre in La Línea, to improve our patients’ experience and comfort.

According to Ramón Berra, Miranza’s general manager, “thanks to this project, we are expanding our presence in Cadiz and making ophthalmological excellence accessible to the people of Campo of Gibraltar, the citizens of Gibraltar and also North Africa.”

IMO Grupo Miranza is launched in Andorra

Following the incorporation of this new clinic in November, we closed another key operation in Andorra this month: The hitherto Vallmedic centre is now part of IMO Grupo Miranza, which is the first step in our expansion beyond our national borders. 

Ramón Berra, Miranza’s general manager, together with Dr Ludger Hanneken, the medical director of the new IMO Grupo Miranza Andorra clinic.

“On the one hand, opening a centre in Andorra marks a turning point in Miranza’s journey by expanding our presence outside Spain for the first time. On the other hand, it also underpins the leadership of one of our flagship centres: IMO.”

The new Andorran headquarters is a leading ophthalmology centre in the Principality, located in the heart of the Pyrenees, which stands out for its cutting-edge technology in eye surgery and the extensive experience of its professionals, headed by Dr Ludger Hanneken, a German ophthalmologist specialising in refractive surgery and the centre’s medical director.

Thus, there are now four clinics operating under the umbrella of IMO Grupo Miranza. From its original core in Barcelona and with the help of Miranza, the Ocular Microsurgery Institute has undertaken an expansion that has led it to open clinics in Madrid and Manresa in recent years, as well as opening a consultation centre in the Barcelona town of Terrassa.

For Ramón Berra, “2021 has been very positive for Miranza, despite the ups and downs, as we have not slowed down our pace of expansion and have ended the year with our first international foray, a course we are going to follow in 2022, with projects beyond our borders, starting with Portugal.”