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The Degenerative Process of the Lens Leads to Eyestrain (Presbyopia) and Cataracts

The degenerative process of the lens means that we all end up developing eyestrain (presbyopia) and cataracts, including Santa, who is experiencing some vision problems.

As we show you in Miranza’s Christmas video, Santa Claus, who is about 400 years old, has made some mistakes when delivering his traditional gifts. It seems that his eyesight is not so good, as eyestrain (presbyopia) and cataracts are also taking their toll on him.

Our Visual Health Worsens with Age

Both vision problems are related to dysfunctional lens syndrome (which you can read more about here), due to the natural aging process of this focusing lens of the eye. From the age of 40-45, the lens usually starts to progressively lose its elasticity, which leads to presbyopia, as well as its transparency, causing a cataract later on.

If, like Santa, you begin to notice the effects of dysfunctional lens syndrome, you will usually experience blurred vision, loss of sensitivity to colours, and, at the onset, especially difficulties with near vision (the need to squint and move your eyes away from texts to read). Moreover, a curious effect when cataracts already occur is that you may notice unexpected changes in the prescription of your glasses and even have the feeling that, for a while, you can see better without them, as the lens with a cataract becomes a kind of magnifying glass.

How to Tackle Eyestrain and Cataracts?

As lens syndrome evolves over the years, it can become increasingly limiting in everyday life and affect us in many daily tasks. As far as presbyopia is concerned, it is important that you do not “put up” without wearing glasses, as using the right optical correction will allow you to have greater visual comfort and avoid many confusions, such as those that have happened to Miranza’s Santa Claus.

When the refractive error is stabilized, it may be a good time to consider refractive surgery with intraocular lenses, which replace the lens and, from a specific age, perform their function more effectively. We implant many of these lens types and models in cataract surgery, after which you will be able to get rid of glasses for both distance and near vision, according to the visual preferences and needs you have agreed with your surgeon.

Do Not Wait Any Longer…, Neither Should Santa: #Let’sSaveTheMagicOfChristmas

In the case of cataract surgery, the specialists’ recommendation is not to wait until the vision loss is severe before treating this visual health problem. The surgery is very safe and effective and, if performed early, allows minimally invasive techniques to be applied and a rapid recovery, as well as providing quality of life.

Thus, if you come across Santa Claus these days, invite him to visit one of Miranza’s clinics we have all over the country. #Let’sSaveTheMagicOfChristmas, so that vision problems do not spoil this holiday season!