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Continuous exposure to the sun means that during the summer your eyes suffer more than during the rest of the year. Ultraviolet radiation affects the inside of the eye and can cause damage to all its layers and its contour, leading to changes in vision and even skin cancer with eyelid damage. Miranza’s specialists note that, in order to adequately protect yourself from them, it is essential to take into account the lens filter and always opt for approved sunglasses.

Non-approved lenses do not protect against rays, as they only incorporate a sun filter and not the ultraviolet protection filter. This causes the pupil to dilate and ultraviolet light to hit the lens directly, which can lead to early cataracts or keratitis from exposure alone. Thus, the Miranza’s ophthalmologists remind us that non-approved glasses can be more harmful and dangerous for the eyes than not wearing glasses at all.

The importance of the right glasses

Choosing the wrong sunglasses can also prevent eye diseases which, in some cases, can even lead to tumours or cancer. It is important to know the needs of our eyes and to take into account their age. Eyes change as time goes by. Therefore, the glasses we need will not be the same when we are teenagers as when we are over 60 years old, say Miranza’s specialists.

Associated conditions

Likewise, overexposure to the sun can cause premature ageing, which manifests itself in the form of wrinkles, spots or sagging skin in the periocular area. There are several disorders that can appear on the skin as a result of sun exposure, such as actinic or solar keratosis, a type of skin lesion similar to a wart that sometimes itches or bleeds and commonly appears on the eyelids.

Five tips for choosing the best sunglasses

The Group’s ophthalmologists remind us of the importance of bearing in mind that sun damage is the main risk factor for most malignant skin tumours, as well as for some vision-related diseases. In this sense, professionals recommend people to protect their eyes especially during the summer with the right sunglasses and offer the keys to make the right choice when opting for them:

  1. Choose sunglasses that are approved by the European Community with the CE seal, which generally appears on the frame and guarantees correct protection against ultraviolet rays. Non-approved lenses can be very harmful to your eyes, as they only include the sun filter and not the ultraviolet protection filter.
  2. Take into account the time of year to choose the right filter for your glasses, which can range from 0 to 4, depending on the opacity of the lens. In this sense, category 4 will be better for the summer, with its darker colour, which contributes to less discomfort from the sun. However, category 0, with the clearest lens, provides the same protection from sunrays, as this is ensured by the filter, which must offer 100% ultraviolet protection.
  3. If you suffer from eye fatigue or simply want to prevent it, the best option is polarised glasses that avoid reflections and improve visibility.
  4. Buy your sunglasses at an optician’s or centre that guarantees the product quality. The specialists will recommend you the best option for your case and make prescription glasses, if necessary.  
  5. Finally, when in doubt, go to your trusted specialist. They will help you solve any questions on this subject and/or on the state of your vision.