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Cómo mantener tu salud ocular frente a los riesgos del verano - Miranza

Summer is here and with it comes a variety of risks to eye health that are absent during the rest of the year for most people’s daily lives. Exposure to sea water and pool water, the use of air conditioning and fans, the intensified incidence of solar radiation, and high temperatures are some of the key factors. As Dr. Ronald Sánchez, an ophthalmologist and specialist at Miranza, states, “our eyes can be affected by external factors our vision is not used to.” Hence the importance of knowing and implementing key ophthalmological recommendations.

Take care of your vision at the beach

Sea water is usually considered to be completely harmless due to its natural properties. However, not everything natural is good for human health. This is a perfect example. In Sánchez’s own words, “it is always recommended to wear goggles in the sea, since the contact of salt in the eyes causes dryness of the eye tears that can lead to an injury,” such as an ulcer or infection of the cornea or conjunctiva. After all, the sea is home to countless species of dangerous amoebae, bacteria, and viruses that can affect eye health. The eye area is highly sensitive. It requires special attention.

Protect your eyes in the pool

Diving goggles are also essential in the pool. In this case, it is not the salt that affects eye health, but an element that is present precisely to destroy the infectious microorganisms that proliferate in this water: chlorine. Chlorine, especially during prolonged immersion, can cause abrasive lesions on the cornea when you dive or stay in the water with your eyes open. “It causes a loss of recovery of the mucous layer, which alters the innermost layer of our eye, leaving it unprotected. This produces what we call dry eye,” explains Sánchez. Moreover, rubbing due to irritation can lead to lesions such as keratoconus.

Take care of your eye health in the sun

There is a reason why it is much hotter in summer: the sun’s rays strike the Earth more perpendicularly. That not only affects the temperature but also your eyes. Again, according to Dr. Sánchez, “heat dries out the tear film, mainly due to the evaporation of the environment,” and the more direct incidence of ultraviolet rays can cause damage to the inside of the eye. Hence the crucial importance of using approved sunglasses. It is also important to stay hydrated at all times and avoid direct contact with air currents from air conditioners and fans.

Protect your eyes from allergies

There is a misconception that environmental allergies are a springtime phenomenon. Actually, as our expert notes, “not only are there seasonal spring allergies, but also other allergies related to particles that are not necessarily of plant origin and which occur in hot weather.” If you experience symptoms, it is advisable to see a specialist for an assessment and to prescribe antihistamines if necessary. Furthermore, in order to minimize exposure to these particles, we once again recommend the use of quality sunglasses that act as a physical barrier.

Other tips for protecting your eyes in summer

Exposure to the sun should occur with the appropriate measures, such as the use of sunglasses and the application of sunscreen with high protection, and above all in a limited manner. Under no circumstances is it advisable to spend entire days in the sun. Moreover, Miranza also encourages people not to use contact lenses when swimming in the pool or at the beach, not to share a towel so as not to facilitate the spread of infection, to avoid contact between the protective cream and the eyes and to wash them with plenty of water if this happens, and to lubricate the eyes with eye drops or artificial tears during air travel. Let us enjoy a happy summer that is healthy for our eyes.