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Ensuring the safety of our patients is one of Miranza’s commitments as a network of centres of excellence in ophthalmology, especially in the current context, where the COVID-19 pandemic makes it more necessary than ever to take extreme preventive measures.

Thus, these are the main protocols we apply in our clinics, where we follow all the necessary steps to ensure health care and well-being.

The importance of your cooperation as a patient

In addition to taking stringent safety measures by our team, we ask for our patients’ cooperation to help us maintain the best safety conditions at Miranza’s centres. To this end, and hoping to meet again soon, we give you 5 guidelines, which are endorsed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as well as the Spanish and European ophthalmological societies, which you can apply as well on your next visit. Thank you for sharing our commitment!

medidas de prevencion basicas