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Jen Liberman

Specialist at Miranza Clínica Muiños

Ophthalmologist specialized in general ophthalmology at Miranza Clínica Muiños

Jen Liberman - Miranza
College No.38/3006847


Graduate in Medicine and Surgery. Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1989-1995.

Ophthalmology Attending (Medical Residency). Interzonal de agudos Hospital, Dr Penna. Bahia Blanca, Argentina. 1997-2002.

Master’s degree in Anterior Segment – Refractive Surgery. Instituto Barraquer, Barcelona. Spain. 2002-2003.

Specialist in Family and Community Medicine (Medical Residency, Spain). 2003-2006.

Specialist in Health economics and service management. Universidad nacional del Sur. 2018-2020.

Master’s degree in cosmetic medicine and facial remodelling. Universidad Católica de Murcia. 2021-2022.


Attending in the Ophthalmology clinic, Hospital Municipal de Púan. Argentina. 1999-2001.

Attending in the Ophthalmology clinic, Clínica Vida-Salud. Carhué, Argentina. 2000-2002.

Attending in the Ophthalmology clinic, Clínica Cruz del Sur. Rio Colorado, Argentina. 2000-2002.

Medical intern and medical coordinator, Murcia Health Service, Area II Cartagena. Spain. October 2001 – January 2015.

Specialist physician attending in ophthalmology clinic and surgery. Hospital Felipe Glasman. Medical association of Bahía Blanca. Argentina. May 2015 – December 2020.

Specialist in Ophthalmology at Miranza Clínica Muiños, Spain. 2022.

Teaching Activity

Professor/tutor in rural health centre. Murcia Health Service. Spain. 2010-2015.