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Miranza llega a galicia

Miranza continues to grow in 2024 with the incorporation of Instituto Oftalmológico Gómez-Ulla, our first clinic in Galicia. Thus, the new centre becomes the twenty-fourth clinic of the Group, which totals 36 Miranza centres in Spain and Andorra, taking into account the 12 outpatient clinics operating as satellites of some of these clinics.

The new clinic, located in Santiago de Compostela, boasts 40 years of experience in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, and has a gained its renown as a benchmark in ophthalmology on a national and international level thanks to the work carried out over the years by its founder and medical director, Prof. Francisco Gómez-Ulla, a specialist in retina and vitreoretinal surgery, as well as in cataract, presbyopia and refractive surgery.

The new Miranza Instituto Gómez-Ulla centre features a team of 10 renowned ophthalmologists and 20 additional professionals, including optometrists, nurses, assistants and administrative staff. It is also noteworthy for its 2,400-square metre facilities, which house 15 dedicated units according to the disease, 5 waiting rooms, including one exclusively for children, 22 examination rooms, a surgical area with two operating theatres and recovery rooms, an R&D&I unit and free private parking for patients.

With this addition, we aim to offer outstanding eye care to Galician people. General manager, Ramón Berra, says: “Our Group boasts most of the leading ophthalmology centres in Spain, which provides us with a clinical leadership, great experience and expertise, which we are now extending to Galicia, a region in which we were not yet present, with the help of a renowned centre as well as an authority in ophthalmology, such as Prof. Francisco Gómez-Ulla.”

According to the medical director of Miranza Instituto Gómez-Ulla, “the integration in Miranza will allow us to promote innovation and research at the centre through a cohesive and innovative network, which is committed to clinical and surgical excellence and focused especially on providing the best treatment to patients”.