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Miranza Clínica Begoña opens new facilities

The refurbished Miranza Clínica Begoña covers a floor area of almost 400 square metres devoted to eye health, in a privileged location in the city and with a large amount of technology to conduct diagnostic tests and examinations, along with future Artificial Intelligence research in the field of ophthalmology

The centre in Bilbao is headed by Dr Íñigo Corcóstegui Crespo, who has the tradition and excellence in ophthalmology of five generations of specialists, following the extensive refurbishment of the property, where they have been doing business for decades

The event to inaugurate the new Miranza Clínica Begoña facilities included the presence of and speeches by the Health Minister for the Basque Government, Gotzone Sagardui Goikoetxea; the Mayor of Bilbao, Juan Maria Aburto; the Bishop of Bilbao, Joseba Segura; the Dean of the University of Deusto, Juan José Etxebarría, and the CEO of Miranza, Ramón Berra, as well as the medical director of the clinic, Dr Íñigo Corcóstegui Crespo. The event was also attended by prominent members of Bilbao’s business, academic and social network.