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Follow us on Instagram, to see our weekly direct where an expert from Miranza will answer all your questions about eye health 

At Miranza we continue to assist our patients and society, although we have had to adapt our usual activities according to the exceptional situation, and  the impact of the coronavirus, we remain faithful to our commitment on making excellence  in eye care accessible to the highest number of people.

For this purpose, we have launched a teleconsultation channel, #MiranzaOnline, through which our specialists will offer health and eye care advice, and clear up any doubts, that might not be resolved in a face-to-face visit to the ophthalmologist. 

Teleconsultations on Instagram

Once a week, on our Instagram @GrupoMiranza we will have an expert from our team to answer any questions that may arise during live chat, through the channel, or queries that we previously received via social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin from @GrupoMiranza) or email ([email protected]).

In these live chats,  our ophthalmologists will discuss different topics of interest, such as: 

  • Relationship between Covid-19 and conjunctivitis
  • Preventive eye care guidelines to take care of our vision
  • Actions to keeping dry eye symptoms at bay and avoid eye strain
  • The effect of screens use on eye health
  • Constant vigilance about eye symptoms
  • Tips for good eye hygiene
  • Lifestyle habits for improving our eye health
  • Eye injuries around the home

Urgent Care

In addition to promoting our #MiranzaOnline initiative, and instead of the services we usually offer in our centers, in Miranza we continue providing medical coverage (face-to-face, telephone services) for ocular emergencies and patients with chronic and post-operative treatments. 

In this sense, being responsible and according to the instructions of the competent authorities, we focus our efforts and resources on the care of serious ophtalmic pathology compromising vision, together with the corresponding follow-up and immediate treatments.

Remember that you can contact us whenever you need at each of our ophtalmic centers and, using Instagram on the #MiranzaOnline consultation channel. 

In Miranza, we are always close to you .