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The Barcelona ophthalmology clinic kicked off in Madrid based on 30 years of experience

IMO Grupo Miranza, a benchmark in European ophthalmology, has decided to take a crucial step in its track record of 30 years by starting its activity in Madrid. Together with our group, which was founded to lead excellence in ophthalmology, the Barcelona institute is now reaching out to the more than 3,000 patients from the Madrid region who usually travel to Barcelona to see their specialists or get their treatment. 

As of 23 November2021, these specialists will make up the bulk of the medical team at the Madrid Clinic, thus combining their activity in both cities.

According to Ramón Berra, CEO of Miranza, “setting up the IMO in Madrid will mark a turning point in the ophthalmology sector in Spain, as the specialist clinic with the best reputation in our country and in Europe lands in central Spain, complementing the care we offer in the capital through the Miranza IOA and Miranza Ophthalteam clinics.”

IMO Grupo Miranza: medical prestige and specialised eye care 

For Dr Borja Corcóstegui, founder and Medical Director of IMO Grupo Miranza in Barcelona, “launching the IMO in Madrid has been a long-awaited project that will allow us to offer a more convenient and closer service to the people of Madrid, many of whom entrust their eye health to the IMO medical team, even if this has meant, until now, having to travel to get medical or surgical care.” 

Dr Corcóstegui, one of the big names in Spanish ophthalmology, who introduced, among other advances, outpatient ophthalmic surgery and modern vitrectomy in Spain, will continue to treat retina patients in Madrid, but he has decided to support the next generations to take the lead of the centre, i.e. “younger ophthalmologists with a vast experience, who are the future of the clinic and of ophthalmology. ”Thus, the medical direction of the Madrid clinic has fallen to Dr Daniel Elies, a cornea and refractive surgery specialist at the IMO, the clinic where he has spent most of his professional career.

Alongside him, doctors such as Elena Arrondo, José García-Arumí, José Luis Güell, Carlos Mateo, Ramón Medel and Rafael Navarro, as well as Corcóstegui himself, among others, will be treating patients in the region of Madrid at the new clinic, located in Mirasierra, in a 5-storey building with 30 consulting rooms and 3 operating theatres equipped with cutting-edge technology and the highest standards of quality and safety for patients.

Ready to treat you at the new IMO Grupo Miranza clinic in Madrid Mirasierra

Dr Daniel Elies explains that “in Madrid, as in Barcelona, we will continue to provide first-class medical and surgical care in all ophthalmological subspecialties (cataract, refractive surgery, cornea, glaucoma, oculoplastics, paediatric ophthalmology and retina). As always, we will provide our patients with all the necessary diagnostic tests, which can be performed on the same day of the visit, in order to offer them the best care, as we do in our Barcelona centre.”