What is environmental

It is a general philosophy, a social movement and, ultimately, “an attitude towards life” that cares about the conservation of the environment and the improvement of its state.

In recent years, it has become particularly important because human action is having a direct and negative impact on the environment.

Climate change is already a reality with serious consequences, including deforestation, lack of access to drinking water, extinction of species, etc.

Use it, waste it, fix it or make do without it.

What can I do in my daily life?


Reduce the hours of consumption.
Replace lights with LEDs.
Take the stairs.
Install photovoltaic panels.


Reduce paper printing.
Use recycled paper.
Avoid sending by post.
Do not buy what you do not need.


Use reusable bottles.
Replace plastics with recycled material.


Use the Punto SIGRE.
Avoid unnecessary travel.
Avoid waste.

Dissemination, awareness and company culture


Publication of the “Eco Manifesto” within the “Ethics at Miranza” section.


We are not only committed to the health and wellbeing of society’s eyes, but we also want to contribute to improving people’s quality of life, which means taking joint responsibility for caring for the planet. We take this on board and incorporate this narrative in our messages on social networks.


We share the Eco Manifesto with all staff through our internal communication platform: Miranzalia. We also encourage the involvement, participation and awareness of staff by means of news about ecology, documents, competitions…

At Miranza, we measure a series of indicators on the environmental impact of our centres, analysing energy and water consumption, recycling, CO2 emissions and hazardous waste management. The aim is to reduce them every year. We rely on your help to achieve this

Please see the ECOMIRANZA brochure here