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Filler substances: hyaluronic acid

A natural substance present in the body.
Many different applications in the field of aesthetics.
It is not a permanent filler.

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance present in the body that has been synthesised for use in aesthetics thanks to its capacity to retain water and keep the skin hydrated and the tissues with a full, plump appearance. It is therefore the basis for many different creams and cosmetic products, as well as the main ingredient in treatment with Skinboosters, without forgetting its consolidated use for many years now as a filler.

With the latter in mind, we administer injections of hyaluronic acid formulated in gels of different consistencies to smooth wrinkles, lessen deep subcutaneous folds and re-establish or increase volume, while stimulating collagen and elastin production (two essential substances to give the skin firmness and texture). The results can be seen immediately, and normally last for 8 to 18 months, depending on the area treated.

Problems treated with filler substances

Hyaluronic acid is one of the most versatile substances in aesthetic medicine and offers several benefits as a filler:

  • Revitalises your look: it avoids hollowness in the area below the eyes, improving some kinds of dark circles and “bags”. It also help smooth crow’s feet.
  • Promotes your smile: it eliminates asymmetries, improves the proportion between the lower and upper lip, defines the outline of the lips, and increases volume.
  • Conceals nasolabial folds, better known as “laugh lines”, which run vertically from the nose to the chin on both sides of the face.
  • Models the shape of your face: it treats sunken cheeks and helps reposition volumes that are lost over the years, improving contours.

To make the most of the application of hyaluronic acid, at the aesthetics and oculofacial rejuvenation consultations in the Miranza clinics we offer all the experience of our specialists who will offer you a full study and personal advice.

Before administering hyaluronic acid, we can apply an anaesthetic cream to relieve any discomfort caused by the needles, which are very well tolerated. The area might become red and slightly swollen after the session, but these effects disappear gradually over the hours following the treatment.

You will not need rest or time off work. However, we do recommend you avoid intense exercise, face massages, saunas and hot tubs, sun exposure and bronzing treatments in booths for the first 24 hours, as basic measures to bear in mind.

You will see that it is a comfortable treatment with fast recovery, which can be repeated whenever necessary to see the results again (which last for 1 year or more in some cases).

Because this substance is found naturally in the body, hyaluronic acid is rarely badly tolerated as an aesthetic treatment and causes no allergic reactions or rejection. Furthermore, we apply it with thin microcannulas with a round tip that cause no trauma in the area and avoid, for example, significant bruising (these are often small and improve after a few days).

The main complications are primarily from malpractice. This is the case of intravascular injections that, in the delicate area around the eyes, might make the filler substance enter the eye’s vessels and affect the eyesight, which is a risk in unqualified hands. Hence the importance of in-depth knowledge of the technique and of the ocular and facial structures involved.

Lastly, the expert criteria of a professional is also essential to avoid incorrect indications, as this treatment might not be suitable if you suffer from certain autoimmune or infectious diseases.