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Roberto Santiago Abate Moreno

Specialist at Miranza Clínica Muiños

Roberto Santiago Abate Montero


Fellowship in Anterior Ocular Segment. 2017-2018.

Head and coordinator of resident activity at the Centro Médico Viamonte (Buenos Aires, Argentina). 2016-2017.

Medical Specialist in Ophthalmology at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). 2013-2016.

Hospital Medical Residency. 2013-2016.

Rotation at the Hospital Ramón Carrillo-Troncos de Talar-Tigre-BSAS.

Rotation at the Hospital Oftalmológico de Hurlingham-BSAS.

Rotation at the Hospital Oftalmológico Doc. Zinn-Pablo Noguez-BSAS.

Rotation at the Hospital Oftalmológico Escobar-BSAS.

Hospital Practice at the Hospital Militar Central (Buenos Aires, Argentina). 2012-2013.

Medical Consultations-Emergencies.

Observation of Eye Surgeries

Degree in Medicine from the Hospital Italiano University Institute. Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2005-2011


Instituto Oftalmológico de Madrid, Fuenlabrada. 2019 – present.

Ophthalmology Service at the Hospital San Rafael, Madrid. 2019 – present.

Ophthalmology Service at the Ospedale Ceccarini di Riccione, Riccione (Italy). June – September 2019.

Centro Médico Viamonte, Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2015-2019.

Head and Coordinator of the Ophthalmological Interconsultation Service of the OSDE (Direct Business Service Organisation)

Medical Society, Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2014-2019.

Clínica Independencia – Munro, Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2013-2018.

Centro Oftalmológico Martínez Olivos, Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2013-2018.

Hospital Italiano, Buenos Aires (Argentina). March – December 2010.

Internship in the High Blood Pressure Department. Hospital Italiano, Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2006-2007

Scientific and research activity

Research projects: 4

Journal publications: 1

Conference papers: 4