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Mónica Suárez

Specialist at Miranza Clinic Muiños



Specialist ophthalmologist in glaucoma with over 15 years of experience in the disease and its clinical and surgical management, with laser treatments, minimally invasive surgery and drainage implants, among other techniques.
Experience in cataract surgery involving small incision phacoemulsification.

Mónica Suárez
College No.383807207


Surgical physician from the Central University of Venezuela, School of Medicine: “José María Vargas”.

Physician specialising in ophthalmology from the Central University of Venezuela, Hospital: “Dr. Domingo Luciani” (IVSS).

Master’s degree specialising in glaucoma from the University of Valladolid – Spain.


Attending Physician, Ophthalmology Department. Ángel Larralde University Hospital. IVSS: National health service Institute of Venezuela. Carabobo State. Venezuela.

Specialist ophthalmologist in Glaucoma. CEOVAL (Valencia Ophthalmology Centre). Carabobo State. Venezuela.

Specialist physician in ophthalmology, El Hierro Island Hospital “Nuestra Señora de la Nieves”. El Hierro. Province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. 2014-2015

Ophthalmology specialist. San Juan de Dios Hospital. Santa Cruz de Tenerife. 2015-present.

Specialist ophthalmologist in Glaucoma. Miranza Clinic Muiños. Santa Cruz de Tenerife. 2014-present.

Teaching Activity

Professor with position of Examiner: University of Carabobo. Surgery II Chair. Professor of the undergraduate ophthalmology module. Valencia. Carabobo State. Venezuela. 2007-2014.

Scientific and Research Activity

Conferences in courses and congresses: 3 national and 3 international

Speaker at the XXIII Glaucoma Course: University of Valladolid – IOBA. Valladolid, 2003.

Speaker at the Regional Glaucoma Seminar. University of Valladolid- IOBA. Valladolid, 2003-2004.

Speaker at the LX Ophthalmology Congress of Venezuela. 2012.

Speaker at the 1st International Symposium of the Glaucoma Group of Venezuela. Valencia – Venezuela. Valencia – Venezuela, 2012.

Speaker at the VII Basic Ophthalmology Science Course: Ophthalmology Society of Venezuela. Caracas –Venezuela, 2012.

Speaker at the X Meeting of the Ultrasur Glaucoma Group. VI Vitreous-Retina Conferences of the Canary Islands. Tenerife, 2014.